At  The Comm. were conserned about the whole person,   ( Mind , Body and Soul )  We call our Sunday morning gathering      Face 2 Face 

We are here to learn how to be human ( its a God thing )

We value – changed lives and a healthy community (its a Jesus thing)


  • Bring em’
  • Belong em’
  • Learn em’                               (Its a spirit thing)
  • Launch em’
  • Celebrate


F words that matter-
– family matters
– food ”
– friends ”
– finances ”
– faith ”
– freedom ”
– future ”
– fun ”


  • What is A Common Place?

    A Common Place is a community and building in the heart of Simcoe. Bean There Cafe is in the basement, Gehrig's Place on the main floor and living space coming to the rest. The Comm (a local church community) meets there every Sunday at 11am.
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