Hours: Mon-Wed 3pm-8pm; Thurs 11:30-10pm; Friday 11:30-2am; Sat 1pm-2am; Sunday- closed

The sign says Gerhigs; but it is really called the S&C bar and grill. Stan and Chrissy the father and daughter team. It could be called the S&C&D&M (Deloris&Mike mother and son) Their passionsĀ are to feed Jamacian and Mexican farm workers and provide regae music for many to enjoy. The food is great! Jerk chicken, currie goat, king fish, snapper and even cow tail. I have tried all of them yum yum! This happens on friday night as it is the Jamacian Cuisine; it starts at 4 and runs until the food is gone which is around 9 or 10. I am trying to convince them into expanding their take out. It is the best kept secret in town!

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  • What is A Common Place?

    A Common Place is a community and building in the heart of Simcoe. Bean There Cafe is in the basement, Gehrig's Place on the main floor and living space coming to the rest. The Comm (a local church community) meets there every Sunday at 11am.
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